On December 1st,1981 a club was formed. It was blessed by the priest, Judas Priest that is. From their “Hell Bent for Leather” album. The song “Runnin Wild” became our club name. We started with 13 trucks and haven’t changed much. Our first truckin was “Van Fest 82” in MD. This truckin was hosted by “Dean Moore the Whore” on Memorial Day weekend.

Our first anniversary party was a private one. A few years went by without an anniversary party celebration, before our ritual started at the church “Odd Fellows Hall” (North Brunswick). We celebrated our 9th anniversary at the “Knights of Columbus” (Spotswood) in 1990. For many years later, we have been celebrating our anniversaries at the “VFW Hall” (Edison), but just last year we had it at the Moose Lodge (South Brunswick).

We have a variety of occupations and careers. We help each other with our homes, trucks, or whatever the need may be. We like to party and have a great time. We’re not just known locally, regionally, or nationally, but also internationally. We’re very active with the Nationals as well as the Council of Councils. We are known for the infamous “Slut Bus” where at the Rhode Island Nationals we were quite popular. One of our members will always remember the bus as it is in-dented in her head.

Don’t forget the famous “Headbangers Bar” where everything and anything happens. Our musical tastes range from country western to heavy metal. Once a year we have a family club gathering where the deer and lasagna luge play. We party hard and hardly puke.

We have a variety of trucks ranging from a 66′ Chevy Panel to a 99′ Dodge Ram Van. We even have a few unique trailers. Most of our trucks are home built and maintained with pride. There is always a member doing something with their truck. We have stock vans all the way to show vans.

We have a unique banner that we treat the same way as the American flag (which we also fly). We hang it with pride and live by the name “Runnin Wild”.

Trucking has always been a big part in most our our lives. We plan our vacations and days off just to live out our “vantasies”. It’s a time to let down our hair… and sometimes our pants….and forget our everyday responsibilities. It’s a time to get together with friends and talk about things going on in our lives.

Trucking will always be in our blood as well as in our children’s blood. Our goals are to keep our anniversary parties going, getting more vans on the road, keeping our membership growing, and most of all keeping our club tight.

We are at times a misunderstood club, but it’s not on purpose. We are vanners just out to have a great time with no intent to misbehave … REALLY!! Like any other vanners, we party to please. We’d like to see a council run by clubs not a council running the clubs. We’d especially want to see our own council members out there trucking with us in PA, CT, NH, MA, RI, NY, OH, VA or wherever the road may take us. We are definitely a club always on the road, now even on the information super highway. We have vanning friends as well as “normal” friends everywhere. This can only be done by making events and making your club known. So we strive to be bigger and stronger cause ……….